Company Profile

Construct Furniture Co Ltd. has been riding a growth spurt, having penetrated further International Markets that gave the Company a push to new potential volumes through very established distribution channels.  Bolstered by fine quality craftsmanship and International certification as well as further appearances in furniture catalogues, the Company is in a position to develop further sales through distributors of furniture and doors that sell directly to larger enterprises in the United Kingdom, Middle East and Northern African region.


The Company

Construct Furniture Co Ltd is a young, dynamic 26 year old furniture manufacturing Company.  It takes pride in its products, which are all designed and manufactured to international recognized standards within its Campus in Luqa Malta.  The Company provides a vast range of furniture including, kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, wall units, loose furniture, internal doors, fire-rated doors, office furniture and customer specific creations. The product portfolio includes a wide selection of styles to cater for any taste and budget.  The Company caters for small domestic requirements as well as for high-end projects both in Malta and overseas. At Construct Furniture, employees give great importance to customer requirements as this is considered to be the focus of the Company success.  The Company reputation is based on the belief of Total Customer Satisfaction and in the Company’s ability and integrity to deliver on its promise.



Construct Furniture Co Ltd. helps create pleasant environments, with well-designed furniture that incorporates new technology in which people can live happily.  The Company is sensitive to the look and feel of good wood and fine furniture.  It always provides the best possible value to customers who care about quality furniture, and want every euro spent with Construct Furniture to be well spent. The Company also creates and nurtures a healthy, creative, respectful, and fun office and workshop environment, in which employees are esteemed and encouraged to respect the customer and the quality of the furniture they produce.  The Company seeks fair and responsible profit, to keep the Company financially healthy for the long term and to fairly compensate owners and investors for their money and risk.


 Keys to Success

  • Uncompromising commitment to the quality of the end product: quality wood, quality workmanship, quality design, quality of end result.
  • Successful marketing to target the quality and price conscious customer through the right channels, and ensure that the customers can find us.
  • Almost-automatic assembly that is easy and makes the customer feel better about the quality of the furniture.

Construct Furniture Company Limited believes in homes that are a perfect reflection of the people who live inside.  Where everything looks the way they want it to, works the way they need it to, and just generally makes them feel good – and this at a good price.  At the Construct Furniture Design Office, customers will find may different home ideas, from household decoration ideas, to organising tips, to inspiration for making their home more lively.  Construct Furniture helps customers create a space that they love calling home.


Company History

  • Construct Furniture Co Ltd. had actually existed since 1985 as a small bathroom furniture manufacturer. Its present existence began in 1990 when the furniture line was established.
  • Sales took a big jump in 1987, when the Company reached more effective channels of distribution. The key was winning a place in the Ideal Home Exhibition Trade Fair and placing the product line in the furniture business and establishing a furniture catalogue, which led to winning the interest of many customers.

Company Locations and Facilities

Construct Furniture Company Limited is located in a single facility in the Luqa Industrial Estate, where there are more industrial and manufacturing spaces for the Company to expand.  The facility includes office, workshop space, stores, a showroom, access to the local roads and very good parking facilities.  The Campus is spread over 9000 (Nine Thousand) on three floors. When shopping for Doors or Furniture, customers can stroll through a myriad of displays showcasing the most beautiful galleries of master and children’s bedrooms, kitchens, internal doors available as solid, glass and fire rated, flat main enhanced doors, external enhanced security doors, wall units, loose furniture, office furniture, school furniture, hotel and contract furniture.

Products & Warranties

All products carry a warranty.

Sourcing and Manufacturing

Our Luqa location is a distinct advantage for manufacturing.  We also have an established business relationship with high quality wood suppliers that supply high quality wood we use to manufacture furniture.

Since our sales increased over the last twelve months, we have been able to buy at better prices, because of higher volumes.

We work with a number of suppliers for most of our stock.  All our products are manufactured in solid engineered High Grade Quality Fibreboard which is recycled natural wood fibre.  Unlike solid wood, High Grade Quality Fibreboard can withstand hot climate conditions and temperature fluctuations without being adversely effected.

The High Grade Quality Fibreboard is 3D membrane pressed by a scratch and stain resistant Polyvinyl Chloride Laminate.  These laminates come in a range of high textured quality wood grains.  The polyvinyl laminate is processed in such a way that every groove and recess is highly detailed and its high textured definition is not compromised, achieving a natural wood aesthetic.  The laminates are also available in solid matt and gloss colours which we continued to develop in order to attain a smooth mirror-like finish.  These materials make the furniture panels and doors maintenance free and easy to clean.

All raw materials used in the manufacture of our doors and furniture are all sourced from ISO Certified European suppliers who are also certified to comply with PEFC (The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) standards and who also meet the standards of FSC (The Forest Stewardship Council). The selection of raw materials coupled by Total Quality Management process helps Construct Furniture to produce furniture to an excellent standard.

In addition to this, we also work with a number of speciality manufacturers for furniture fittings, drawer accessories, glass, shelving accessories, and related supplies.

In the design and development process, our Company considers the unique demands of living spaces and lifestyles amongst several client segments.  This is achieved by our strong ability to use various materials combined in the furniture.  Materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, glass panels, fabric and leather amongst others are constantly being combined with wooden textures depending on the style and needs of the client.  The fittings and accessories complimenting the furniture are carefully selected from amongst the most advanced in the European industry.



We depend on our expertise of the latest in technology of ergonomics, combined with design elements of fine furniture.  We are committed to remain on top of new technologies in display, input and output, and communications.

Our assembly and Door patents are an important competitive edge.  No competitor can match the way we turn a drawing, design, assemble the product and turn it into a piece of furniture.  Our customer feedback confirms that the interlocking assembly system provides an enhancement to the sense of quality.

All our products are developed and designed in-house by our Product Development Team whose responsibility is to research, develop, design and prototype new products in line with market trends and demand.

We have invested heavily in the latest CNC machines and other computerised production technologies.  Our production plant is equipped with European state-of-the-art industrial production machines, supported by hi-technology programming which is constantly updated to meet the innovative furniture designs.  The machinery is designed in such a way to change its application to the need of our customers, and allows for flexibility in the production process.


Future Products

In 2016 – 2017 we will introduce the new line based on novel designs.

Target Market Segment Strategy

Our segment definition is of itself strategic.  We satisfy all users of furniture, including those who are most demanding.  We are definitely out to address the needs of the high-end buyers, who are willing to pay more for quality. In our particular market, we also seek the buyer who appreciates attributes, including the quality of furniture workmanship and the excellence of design, with an understanding of built in technology and ergonomics.


Market Needs

We understand that our target market needs more than just furniture.  Our target customers want to have quality, reassurance of excellent wood and good workmanship. We don’t just sell furniture; we sell well designed environments, plus workmanship.

Competitive Edge

Our competitive edge is our dominance of design, manufacturing and assembly of high-quality furniture. Our marketing strategy is based mainly on making the right information available to the right target customer.  The Marketing Department conveys the sense of quality in every picture, every promotion, and every publication.  We also leverage our presence using high-quality catalogues and speciality distributors.

Pricing Strategy

We will maintain our pricing position as a premier provider.  We are the best product available, for the most discriminating consumer.  We intend to maintain our separation from the competition by offering the lowest possible prices.  Our business plan calls for no significant changes in pricing.


Conditions of the Guarantee
a) Sprayed furniture products;against manufacturing defects.
a) if the Furniture Product is exposed to the elements such as sun, rain, water, high humidity, and extreme temperatures;
c) if anybody, who is not authorized by Construct Furniture, alters the product in any way or attempts to modify or repair the product.
To contact Construct Furniture, the email address used shall be:
We commit ourselves to produce the best furniture benchmarked against the highest international standards so we are confident that you will not be needing this document. However, should anything beyond our control fail to make our grade and yet reaches you, our esteemed customer, we will be happy to honor our commitment to you and hence, we invite you to keep this document in a safe place.
This document constitutes the periods and conditions of the guarantee covering the different parts of the product (hereinafter “the Guarantee”) having the order number and description here above detailed (hereinafter “the Furniture Product”) and purchased by you (“the Client”).
1) Construct Furniture Company Limited (hereinafter “Construct Furniture”) hereby declares that it has designed and manufactured specific parts of the
Furniture Product and hence it guarantees that such parts of the Furniture Product so designed and manufactured by it have been designed and manufactured to the best standards and are free from manufacturing defects. Construct Furniture hereby guarantees such parts of the Furniture Product for a
period of ten (10) calendar years from the date of installation and consequently guarantees such parts of the Furniture Product against delamination of the polyvinyl laminate arising from bad workmanship and / or defective materials for a period of ten (10) calendar years from the date of installation. Construct Furniture further guarantees for a period of ten (10) calendar years from the date of installation that the Furniture Product is in conformity with the description
and specifications of same in the order document of said Furniture Product.
2) Construct Furniture hereby guarantees, for a period of two (2) calendar years after the date of installation and / or supply, the following:-
b) Items and / or components that are detachable and / or require routine servicing such as knobs, handles, door and furniture hinges, drawer rails, push open, open ups, soft- closing, sliding rails and accessories;
3) If the Furniture Product consists in fitted furniture the Guarantee shall be operative only if the Furniture Product remains affixed and installed in the location
where it was originally affixed and installed at. Any removal of any part of the Furniture Product / the whole Furniture Product from the location where it was originally installed and affixed on account of or by Construct Furniture shall render the Guarantee null and void.
4.1) Any use whatsoever of the Furniture Product supplied by Construct Furniture different from the use it is intended for shall render the Guarantee null and void. Any different use of the Furniture Product shall render the Guarantee null and void.
4.2) The disassembly of a Furniture Product which has been delivered or pick up already assembled shall render the Guarantee null and void.
5) The Guarantee is valid only if the product is used in ordinary conditions. Hence the Guarantee shall not operate in the following circumstances:
b) if any damage is caused through the negligence or through malicious intent, or due to an accident such as flooding or other similar acts of God;
6) The Guarantee does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, spills, use of chemicals not recommended by Construct Furniture to clean the Product, cuts, scratches, or damage caused by impacts or accidents, vermin, insects, woodworms, mildew, mould or any pests, infestations, and/or animals,
domestic or otherwise.
10) Any maintenance to the Furniture Product shall be at the sole expense and responsibility of the Customer and at his exclusive cost. If such maintenance is required, Construct Furniture shall provide a quotation, upon request, to effect maintenance. It is recommended that the Product be cleaned as specified in the Order Document.
11) The Guarantee shall not cover any appliances, materials and/or worktops ordered through Construct Furniture and supplied by third parties.
7) All the guarantee rights contained herein shall be transferable to any third party provided that such third party observes all the conditions for the validity of the Guarantee.
8) Should the Furniture Product or parts thereof show any defect covered by the Guarantee during the period of validity of the Guarantee in terms of Article (1) and Article (2) here above, Construct Furniture shall change and / or repair, at its sole discretion, the defective part of the Furniture Product / the Furniture Product at its sole cost, and Construct Furniture shall decide on the remedy to afford on the basis of such remedy not being impossible or disproportionate in
terms of Article 75 of the Consumer Affairs Act (Chapter 378 of the Revised Edition of the Laws of Malta). Any such repair or replacement shall not renew the running of the Guarantee periods.
9.1) For any claim to be made under the Guarantee, the Customer shall communicate in writing with Construct Furniture either by sending a letter to the postal
address of Construct Furniture or else an email to the email address stipulated hereabove within two months from the date on which the defect has been detected by the Customer.
9.2) Any communication sent to Construct Furniture by any other means (verbal, through any Social Network and any other method not mentioned herein)
shall be null and void and shall not give rise to any obligation on Construct Furniture to honour the Guarantee;